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This post is about Bash scripts, so the "script" term in this text refers to a Bash script.



A script that allows other scripts to require scripts.Scripts overflow! :D The scripts are located in a folder in the user's home directory, called .bashrc.d. The scripts are loaded by sourcing them via an function in the .bashrc or when a script requires them. If the required script is not found it can be searched in and installed from the .bashrc.d-repositories. The installation and download process will be described in an extra article, see Links.


The script can be configured to look up missing scripts in repositories, which can be configured too. The repository is a directory that contains an index file of all scripts it contains and relative paths to them, which are raw text files. The directory could be a website or local dir. The file format is described in an special article, see Links.


The story behind this is that on the one hand I want to use i.e. my yesdo-script across my other scripts and on the other hand I also want to distribute them without pasting i.e. the yesdo-script manually into the script I distribute. So I made up my mind and devised this. Once finished the coding I will create a extra page for it.

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