[Thunderbird] [Joomla] [Feed] Access feed behind login


may be you have a similar problem: You have an feed on a page behind an user login. Now you can't simply add the feed to Thunderbird because it will fail as Joomla redirects to a login form (which is no valid feed^^)

To add the feed anyway you need to be logged in to that page. The simplest way to log in, is to set the page as the start page, enter your username and password (an select "keep logged in") and login, then you can add the feed without problems.

Here an How-To:

  • Start Thunderbird if not running
  • Open Preferences Dialog via Thunderbird Menu -> Preferences
  • Go to "General" tab
  • Enter the URL to the Feed which is protected by the login as Start Page (into "Location" text field)
  • Close, exit and restart Thunderbird
  • Enter your username and password into the form and login
    • Ignore the tabs/windows opened in your browser :)
  • Add feed.


Tested with Icedove 24.7.0, should also work in Thunderbird as Icedove is Debian-rebranded Thunderbird.


Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz
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